Today’s Modern Leather Duffle Bag

After the wars of the early 20th century, the military duffel bag became domesticated and evolved. That gradual transformation is the duffle bag. As the change in the spelling of the name implies, the holdall is the same in essence and function, but outwardly different. The best duffle bags to buy now host a bevy of compartments, serve multiple uses and provide other features, forsaking simplicity and giving host to numerous user options. Today, you essentially have duffle bags for practically every purpose.

This in part stems from the fact that home life provides more freedom as opposed to the strict conditions of military life. The duffle bag is still a travel bag, but the travel is so varied. From camping in Yosemite, weekend trips to Vegas, to a weeklong safari, the duffle bag goes everywhere and does everything. Which is why as an expanse of utilitarian usage, it simply made sense to compartmentalize the bag. As time progresses, the duffle bag continually evolves. It is considerably normal now to find pockets on the sides to allow for quick access to smaller items like mobile devices or travel documents and handles paired with a shoulder strap, in addition to a variety of colors, instead of the traditional army green.

Along with colors, as the bag gained acceptance in mainstream culture, manufacturers began applying new materials to the duffle bag. Although canvas duffle bags remained popular, polyester, nylon and other materials became standard use for duffle bags. However, leather duffle bags remain a top choice. In addition to providing sturdy, weather resistant material, the best leather duffle bags last long and develop distinct and striking characteristics through routine use that others bags cannot match.

Practically all luxury and upscale brands that offer luggage provide a leather duffle bag in their collections. Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, Brics and Tom Ford are a few examples that offer leather duffel bags. However, unbranded bespoke leather offered by artisans online at sites like Etsy and eBay present  the special opportunity to own a unique holdall that if you’re lucky enough can almost rival top luxury brands. Whatever your choice a leather duffle bag is great thing to have for travel.

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