How to Pick the Best Duffel Bag

For yourself..

This probably should be titled, “How to Pick Better Duffle bags” as best is clearly relative to a variety of factors. However, after you read this, and the remainder of Duffle Bag 101, consider your duffle bag (or duffel bag) knowledge upgraded.

There are three considerably important factors to help you get the best bag possible. More  than likely there’s probably more than three, but these essentially canvas the rest, because aside identifying the best duffle bag brands from the crap ones, the next topic to address is correctly picking the right duffle bag for you. All things being relatively equal, the choice of bag comes down to essentially three things, capacity, purpose and price.


Considering the bag size is usually how most people start to determine which duffel bag they’ll finally get. That’s because when the process starts often you know exactly how you want to use it. After that comes how much of a bag that you will actually need. It’s seems simple but in the face of many choices it can become daunting. In general, get a duffel bag big enough to successfully meet your needs and carry whatever, but small enough that you actually can comfortably carry it while laden with your stuff.


Are you an Indiana Jones type or do you lean more towards James Bond? Do you want the duffle bag for travel, sports, storage or something else? How you plan to use the bag from day to day should give insight into what type of bag best suits your needs. While a gym bag is great for workouts, it might not fit your travel needs. If you’re on a budget and trying to accomplish the ultimate all-in-one duffle bag purchase be sure to lean your buying decision towards what you’ll be doing with the bag regularly and not all the fantastic possibilities you can think of or don’t do routinely.


Although the internet is littered with duffle bags (and duffel bags, whatever your preference) priced at several thousand of dollars, budget does come into play for most when making a buying decision. While there are some brands that excite and grab attention, their prices don’t reflect the functionality and purpose of a true duffel bag. Ultimately, many fashion brands extend into products that are not their specialty, although their prices don’t reflect that.  Remember, popularity does not equate quality by default. The goal ultimately for most is a great bag, so aim for the best duffel bag you can get for the most you can spend.

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