What Makes a Good Duffel Bag

Now with so many choices there comes the problem, “What is a good duffle bag?” It’s is easy to get overloaded with leather duffle bags, sports duffel bags, rolling duffel bags and so on. However, no matter the bag, certain things have to ring true for it to be worth your money.


No matter what you originally get a duffle bag for, you undoubtedly will use it for something else. The best duffel bag gives you flexibility with its functionality. You can use it without concern in various ways. If you need a casual bag for short-term travel or a weekend bag the best duffel bags can do both without pause. And although you can use your duffel bag for the gym, it’s best do have a dedicated bag for that.


If you travel, you want a duffel bag that can handle being thrown by the baggage carriers. The courteous person at the ticket counter bears a countenance essentially the polar opposite of the characters in the back handling your stuff. If you’re outdoors and your bag takes an unsuspected plunge or a few hits, you shouldn’t need to wince. Normal wear and tear is appropriate but the better brands, meaning higher priced duffel bags practically even cover alligator bites and bear encounters. Well, almost.


While quality to one may very well not mean quality to another, one thing Is certain the quality of the duffel bag you buy usually determines the life of the bag (barring any unforeseen occurrences), and ultimately the use you get out of it. Both in practical terms and the nebulous pride of ownership, depending on your sensibilities. Never the less you want a duffle with the level of quality that exceeds your expectations of use for the bag.

If you’re a world traveler, you need a bag that can handle the various temperatures, people and circumstances around the globe. If you’re using it for tossing gym clothes or baseball bats into it routinely, you need a bag that can handle the weight of the bats and your sweat.  While quality sometimes equates to durability as previously covered that’s not the sole capacity of the term here.

Should you want a leather duffle bag, it should be made of quality leather. Any bag you purchase needs to have good enough stitching to handle various loads and levels of stress. Any fasteners need good construction and practical attachment to the bag (brass, gold, steel and other metals are good here). If you select a duffel bag with zippers, make sure they completely close the bag, which is especially important if the bag uses water resistance as a selling point.

High prices usually indicate quality materials but that does not necessarily mean the bag is meant for military grade ruggedness, as many duffel bags are more fashionable than functional. If you prefer function over fashion be sure to identify how you plan to use this bag before purchasing.  Check the warranty policy and remember that if the price is too low to be believable for the claims made by the company, then it probably isn’t true.

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