SDR Snow Plow Robot

With weather that historians and meteorologists will write and argue about for centuries to come, a Robotic Snow Plow is a welcome assistant in the blossoming era of electronic and digital servants. Tasks once delegated to slaves, to the help or to children, now come under duties given to robots. This six-wheeled chore reducer has a handy Spektrum remote (with a failsafe receiver) to keep the robot (and snow plow) under your full control, it comes equipped with 6 127RPM gear motors, 13-inch tiller tires, headlights (for night use) and a snow plow blade over four feet wide (52-inches). The Abominable Snow Man has his work cut out for him if he thought anything less than an avalanche of snow in your driveway would stop you. Get specs here, pre-order here. From SDR.


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