Czech & Speake Manicure Set

Figuratively, if you’re a hands on guy that means you get involved in your work. If you deal with people or projects, you tend to lean toward application instead of delegation. However, if you’re hands on when it comes to everything else, unless you’re a farmer or the town mechanic, you probably need to keep your hands clean and your fingernails free from dirt, eye-boogers and whatever miscellaneous whatnots you’ve clawed into and yet removed to gain acceptance from Western society. The Czech & Speake Manicure Set  and each of the eight items included (tweezers, clippers, scissors, cuticle tools and so on) will do wonders to transform your wild bear claws into respectable paws more appropriate for civilized life. Fit for travel and home-use, the leather bound manicure set combines technology and artistry from Britain, Italy and Germany to provide Teflon coated, high-grade steel instruments that can handle brutal work for the roughest farmhands, yet sophisticated enough for discerning top brass and those of us in-between. ($550)

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