JVC 4K Camcorder the JVC GY-HMQ10

JVC is determined to make you the next James Cameron. The JVC GY-HMQ10 (the JVC 4k) is said to be the world’s first 4K camcorder. With the Falconbird LSI chip leading the way and 10x optical zoom, the personal movie maker can capture, record and play video at a resolution four times that of an HD TV. Send video to monitors or projection with near zero latency, and while you are at it, stuff two hours of video on a single SD card. If 4k video is not your thing just yet, the JVC 4k can also deliver your action sequences in full HD (1920 x 1080). The 8.3 megapixel imaging camcorder with the full color touch screen will be ready for your dramatic moments, heroic adventures and money shots by March for $5,000.

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A light has gone out in the world. Steve Jobs Passes On.

A light has gone out in the world. Steve Jobs the man who help transform the world into the technological wonder that it is today has died. I felt a flush over my body when I received the news. To say I feel sadness would be remiss, because sadness is not a word capable of describing my feelings regarding this moment in our lives. This is a demarcation line in modern history.

This generation has been fortunate enough to receive the benefits of Steve’s imagination, ingenuity and passion first hand. With the foundation Steve laid future generations will undoubtedly reap rewarding harvests thanks to his ability to harness together the ideas of brilliant people and bring them to the world.

No doubt his family, friends, loved ones and competitors will miss him. A husband, a father, a friend and a fierce competitor who battled adversity, confronted competition and challenged the status quo. Steve changed an industry he also participated in building, redefined business and how we think about it and helped to set ablaze millions of minds across the globe, with ideas of what is possible when you still believe in your dreams and you have the tenacity to go after them.

Let us not simply mourn this day of losing the man we called Steve Jobs, but let us rejoice in the life of Steven and his enormous contributions to all of us. Friend, foe, every race, every creed and all in-between, some of us directly and others indirectly have benefited from his presence in the current era. Coming generations are fortunate to have his legacy to peruse and his shoulders to stand on as an able and firm foundation to help them reach their goals and to face coming endeavors yet untold.

Steve, thanks for your time here.


Apple iMac with Thunderbolt

Quad-Core Sandy Bridge i5 and i7 processors that help you get projects completed up to 70 percent sooner, high-speed Thunderbolt ports for data transfer and FaceTime HD cameras for friendly video chat and business conferences that’s what the new iMacs are made of. Let’s not forget that the new Thunderbolt iMacs also have 3x faster graphics thanks to updated Radeon HD graphics processors and come with your choice of either a Magic Mouse or a Magic Trackpad. First, the MacBook Pro received the Thunderbolt upgrade earlier in the year, now the iMacs get the highly anticipated, Thunderbolt refresh.

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The Blackberry Bold 9900

Touch and type together with no sliding, the new Blackberry 9900 and 9930 combine the benefits of an easy to use QWERTY keyboard with a capacitive touch screen display, 1.2 GHz processor, 8GB of memory on deck with room for up to 32GB if you need it, the new Blackberry’s mean business. NFC tech, so you can wave and swipe your phone for transactions, 5-megapixel camera to snap a few photos, HD video recording ability, accelerometer, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the newest Blackberry OS, Blackberry 7.

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The Blackberry Playbook

The tablet market gets another potentially serious contender; the Blackberry Playbook is now available for purchase in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variations. Weighing less than a pound, and less than half an inch in thickness, the highly anticipated 7-inch tablet from RIM packs all the standard features you demand in a tablet, touch screen, Wi-Fi, Dual HD cameras, GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, the latest and greatest Bluetooth support and of course seamless integration with your Blackberry and the Blackberry Tablet OS.

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HTC Droid Incredible 2

Known internationally as the HTC Droid Incredible S, the follow up to the Droid Incredible, has rolled out as the Flash supporting, HTC Droid Incredible 2 in the US. If 4G is no big deal (pssst…it’s not 4G really), Verizon Wireless carries the updated Android handset for $199 with standard two-year commitment. With an 8-megapixel camera, 4-inch screen and 1GHz Snapdragon chip the Incredible 2 steps up slightly from Incredible 2010, but allows you to play on the world stage, as the handset is a global smartphone. Also as a 3G Mobile Hotspot, you can connect up to five of the devices toting around in your pack, and take your geekery to the next level while receiving your fix of caffeine tranquilizers in your favorite coffee bean brew house. We wouldn’t actually suggest connecting five devices, just saying that you can…if you need to.

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Why does Yahoo think that HuffPost Tech and the CS Monitor have the Best Tech News all of a sudden?

Between fighting with my browser to keep from crashing thanks to that dreadful Adobe Flash, and skimming Michael Arrington’s latest lamentation, I began to ponder my next tirade here on BigBerries, and then it dawned on me. Earlier this week while foraging about the internet and in particular while searching with Yahoo (forgive me) and subsequently with Bing (which is essentially the same thing). I noticed something quirky with the results bubbling upon the top my queries. The Christian Science Monitor (CSM) was peaking out in top-dog position for of all things, the Sony S1 tablet.

For CSM to seize position above Engadget, Gizmodo, cNet.com and the numerous dedicated gadget and technology websites and even above Sony is questionable to say the least. In addition, and only to make matters worse, also present in the disastrous heap of the search engine results was something labeled HuffPost Tech. I was so confounded by the results I laughed and jeered simultaneously.


Apple White iPhone 4

Patience is a virtue.

After lengthy delays, the world’s best selling phone, the Apple iPhone 4 is now available in a new color, white. The astoundingly popular phone with high-resolution Retina display, five-megapixel camera with LED flash, FaceTime, HD video recorder, your choice of either 16GB or 32GB storage and the latest version of iOS can now be yours. Except now, you can have the glass body and stainless steel of the iPhone 4 in all white construction. Those of you who have been holding out can now joyously upgrade your current iPhone so you can finally have the White iPhone 4 for which you have been patiently waiting.

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The Sony Tablet

It’s more than official, the PlayStation Certified Sony tablet is on the way.

While several websites and new articles cite the Google Android powered Sony tablet as a late entrant in an already crowded market, you should celebrate Sony for adding another tablet for us to consider buying. The recently revealed Sony S1 tablet (S1 is a codename until actual release), expects to become available later this year, possibly Q3 and is causing quite a stir.

Sony, seeking to stand out from the plethora of black slate, carbon copy tablets currently on the market opted for a different design approach. That approach resulted in a tablet design that the company says, will lend to being able to hold the Android powered Sony tablet for long periods comfortably.

With a screen just under 10-inches, the Sony S1 is a full-sized tablet powered by a Tegra 2 chip and backed by the latest Google Android operating system, which currently is Gingerbread, also known as Android 3.0. Of course you get a touch screen, Wi-Fi, WAN, an expansion card slot, front and rear camera, all the additional functions you demand in portable devices, and a bit more. Like PlayStation functionality.

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JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay Speaker Dock

The new JBL speaker dock has a mouthful of a name, but we can forgive it, because the JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay speaker dock takes full advantage of AirPlay, Apple’s wireless technology. Additionally equipped with a proprietary blend of JBL audio technology, which includes 360-degree HALO acoustics, the new JBL speaker dock provides you with wireless streaming ability for your iTunes library from your iPad, iPhone, iPod and your Mac or PC – basically from just about everywhere iTunes plays official. More over, the Wi-Fi enabled JBL On Air has a full-color LCD display, an FM Tuner, internet radio streaming capability and dual alarms so you and your bedside buddy can both “rise and shine” to your favorite beats.

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