Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans

When there is a kick ass cooking website chocked full of recipes, great storytelling and humor, chances are opportunity arrives for the website to present a cookbook. The leading voice behind the site Nom Nom Paleo, Michelle Tam pairs with Henry Fong to bring more paleo goodness to your kitchen. Their debut paleo cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans packs nearly 1000 photos and contains 120+ palette pleasing paleo recipes. Perfect for a newbie (or otherwise) there are so many photos, that truthfully if you fail your selected dining mission, the only person to blame will be yourself. From soups and salads, to poultry, meat and seafood and of course eggs, there are enough recipes to keep your paleo diet exciting, fresh and delicious for a good while.

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Christian aTunde Adjuah

The house iPod is currently churning out speedy sitar riffs from a ménage of Indian tunes recently clustered together. However, my computer headphones contain the fiery talent and spirit that is Christian Scott. His newest release, Christian aTunde Adjuah is a double “disc”, if that term means anything these days and although it is jazz officially, in actuality it is just music. Music as intended: emotional and without form, yet perfectly molded and pleasing to the ear. Christian Scott’s trumpet lays neatly in-between other instruments on some tracks like a caterpillar slumbering before emerging as a butterfly, then on others it’s the main attraction, demanding your complete attention. Songs weave effortlessly unto each other, sprawling different musical genres without prejudice, while creating a pleasing tapestry of sound. Simultaneously expanding jazz as defined yet with roots firmly planted where it is. Christian Scott Christian aTunde Adjuah

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How to Stay Alive in the Woods

To continue the theme of surviving while out in the wilderness first introduced with the Revised Edition of the SAS Survival Handbook, here is How to Stay Alive in the Woods. There are several editions as the book was initially released years ago, but despite other tactics that are now popular but impractical; surviving crashes, outsmarting terrorists and the like, it seems a bear still shits in the woods the same way and north is north.  So barring other “new” things that have come along in the last 50 years or so, the tactics, strategies and understanding required in order to stay alive should some impractical occurrence happens, this book looks to keep you on this side of the afterlife. Practical and easy to read, How to Stay Alive has stood the test of time and would prove a valuable addition to any budding outdoor survival reading collection.

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Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Loosely based on a Philip K Dick novel, Blade Runner is a science fiction movie that has influenced society on an immeasurable level. While Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford have crafted fine careers for themselves and made other more “successful” movies, the voodoo was working in their favor during this movie in a manner I am sure neither of them expected.  In a future L.A. genetically engineered robots called replicants are hiding out after illegally maintaining a presence on Earth. However, replicants are to only for work as slaves off planet. Harrison Ford portrays Deckard a “Blade Runner”, a term used to describe law enforcement officers trained in handling replicants. He is forced out of retirement to track, hunt down and “retire” 4 replicants. Although critics during its release were split over the film, it is now a widely considered a classic. Additionally, the US Film Registry selected Blade Runner for historical preservation in 1993. The Blade Runner 30th Collector’s Edition comes with 10+ hours of bonuses, 1000+ image gallery, a Work Print, 6 featurettes, alternate versions and the “Final Cut”.

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Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection Limited Edition Blu-ray

Many consider Alfred Hitchcock one of the greatest directorial talents to ever guide a film and he possesses a catalog of over 50 features to substantiate the claim. However, the Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection presents the first occasion that 15 of these features assemble together in one Blu-ray quality boxed set. Digitally restored with DTS-HD audio supporting 1080p visuals, this Hitchcock movie collection brings classics like Vertigo, Rear Window, Psycho and the Birds to life like never before. A 50-page book accompanies the masterfully restored films with details regarding Hitchcock and the film collection. Additionally, you will receive over 15 hours of bonus features sure to provide greater depth to your Hitchcock knowledge.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Avengers Assembled

Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D version of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, the Incredible Hulk and the Avengers packed inside a detailed replica of agent Nick Fury’s briefcase, complete with a glowing Tessearact. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Collection is 6 movies, a total of 10 DVDs stuffed with exclusives, never before seen art, film footage, and other memorabilia including: prop reproductions, information and more only found in Phase One Avengers Assembled. Available for discounted pre-order now, retail in late September.

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Scanwiches by Jon Chonko

A food blog devoted to sandwiches colorfully and ingeniously portrayed before consumption is now a book devoted to the same. Scanwiches is a cover to cover visual appreciation and dedication to all things combined between two slices of bread and occasionally ramen noodles. Released on National Sandwich Day, the book is unadulterated food porn packed with true to life visual representations of delicious looking sandwiches from the author’s apartment kitchen and around the world, along with sandwich trivia and insights. After Scanwiches, plain ol’ meat and bread sandwiches just won’t be able to cut it.

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Beer Tasting Tool Kit

Author Jeff Alworth hopes to turn you into a bona fide brewmaster. Okay, maybe not, but at least after reading his Beer Tasting Tool Kit you will be able to drink like one. After spending half of the past decade traveling the world in search of the perfect blend of malt and hops and writing about his quest on Beervana, Jeff has written a 48 page primer to help evolve your taste and appreciation for beer. Included in the beer tasting booklet is a breakdown of beer into style categories that provide background information – flavor, scent and more on several varieties. The kit itself has evaluation cards and all the essentials needed for you and your buddies to hold a taste test to settle once and for all who the King of Beers really is.

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Nike+ Kinect Training

Made exclusively for the Xbox 360 and arriving somewhere between the day people stuff their faces with turkey* and the day where people usually start their resolutions and pledges to lose weight, is Nike+ Kinect Training. Looking to further kick Wii Fitness in the pants, Microsoft teamed up with Nike to bring you a virtual trainer that can give you workouts usually reserved for world-class athletes. Combined with the Kinect’s motion sensor Nike+ Kinect Training makes sure you’re not cheating reps and your form is correct. On-screen interactions keep your workouts from getting stale and you can personalize your sessions, track your progress, complete challenges and compete with others thanks to the Xbox Live and the Nike+ communities. Plus the mobile app lets you take Nike+ Kinect Training with you when you’re not in the living room.

*Tofurky for the vegans and vegetarians.

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The SAS Survival Handbook Revised Edition

Survive this Summer

Summer is on the horizon and for lots of families, friends and lone wolves that means spending plenty of time outdoors; camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, swimming and of course barbeques and campfires. Just in case you happen to skip the resorts and villas this year and head out into wilds of your nearest regional park or beyond, this book may help you save yourself, your lover and your friends during the zombie apocalypse.

The SAS Survival Handbook is written to handle the heat, the cold and practically any outdoor encounter you come across. Make camp in the right location; know what to do when someone is injured and be able to manage your friend’s fears when they start coming apart at the seams when the shit hits the fan. Highly concentrated with no filler, the SAS Survival Handbook should be in your house, at your job and in your car.

Provided the author: John “Lofty” Wiseman served 26 years in the Special Air Service and was the Chief Survival Instructor, the Revised Edition of the SAS Handbook is a great addition to any adventurer’s arsenal of knowledge. SAS Survival Handbook, Revised Edition: For Any Climate, in Any Situation

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