Christian aTunde Adjuah

Christian aTunde Adjuah

The house iPod is currently churning out speedy sitar riffs from a ménage of Indian tunes recently clustered together. However, my computer headphones contain the fiery talent and spirit that is Christian Scott. His newest release, Christian aTunde Adjuah is a double “disc”, if that term means anything these days and although it is jazz officially, in actuality it is just music. Music as intended: emotional and without form, yet perfectly molded and pleasing to the ear. Christian Scott’s trumpet lays neatly in-between other instruments on some tracks like a caterpillar slumbering before emerging as a butterfly, then on others it’s the main attraction, demanding your complete attention. Songs weave effortlessly unto each other, sprawling different musical genres without prejudice, while creating a pleasing tapestry of sound. Simultaneously expanding jazz as defined yet with roots firmly planted where it is. Christian Scott Christian aTunde Adjuah

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