Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Loosely based on a Philip K Dick novel, Blade Runner is a science fiction movie that has influenced society on an immeasurable level. While Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford have crafted fine careers for themselves and made other more “successful” movies, the voodoo was working in their favor during this movie in a manner I am sure neither of them expected.  In a future L.A. genetically engineered robots called replicants are hiding out after illegally maintaining a presence on Earth. However, replicants are to only for work as slaves off planet. Harrison Ford portrays Deckard a “Blade Runner”, a term used to describe law enforcement officers trained in handling replicants. He is forced out of retirement to track, hunt down and “retire” 4 replicants. Although critics during its release were split over the film, it is now a widely considered a classic. Additionally, the US Film Registry selected Blade Runner for historical preservation in 1993. The Blade Runner 30th Collector’s Edition comes with 10+ hours of bonuses, 1000+ image gallery, a Work Print, 6 featurettes, alternate versions and the “Final Cut”.

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