Razer Ouroboros Mouse

Razer Ouroboros Mouse

The Razer Ouroboros Mouse delivers ambidextrous capabilities, ergonomic satisfaction, wireless or wired functionality and a multitude of possible customizations that allow you to extend the Ouroboros gaming mouse to fit your specific needs. With 11 programmable buttons, 8200 DPI  and 12-hours of battery-life, this wireless mouse should survive the most brutal gaming sessions on one charge, but just in-case, a single AA alkaline battery can work if you insist on not using the wire while the included NiMH battery recharges. The Ouroboros mouse also allows you to customize the length and arch so the mouse fits as close to perfect as possible so there is no strain when you empty your last clip in your favorite FPS using the dedicated DPI Clutch Trigger or making perfectly timed maneuvers during adventure or action game sequences where every twitch counts.

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