Pantech Renue

Pantech Renue

Military grade and eco-friendly, the Pantech Renue is one of the newest smartphones on the AT&T network and one of the first to align with the new AT&T Eco-rating. Made from 67% recycled materials the RoHS compliant Pantech Renue has a smaller carbon footprint than other phones and it has a smaller impact on your wallet too, because the Pantech Renue doesn’t require use of a data plan to access smartphone like features. Instead Pantech equipped the smartphone with the Qualcomm BREW-MP platform. Other specs include GPS, Bluetooth, MicroSD card slot, media player, video camera an Energy Star 2.0 charger and a rugged frame that meets military standards for sand, dust, sun, other extreme temps. Looks like dumb phones just got smarter.

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