Nike+ Kinect Training

Nike+ Kinect Training

Made exclusively for the Xbox 360 and arriving somewhere between the day people stuff their faces with turkey* and the day where people usually start their resolutions and pledges to lose weight, is Nike+ Kinect Training. Looking to further kick Wii Fitness in the pants, Microsoft teamed up with Nike to bring you a virtual trainer that can give you workouts usually reserved for world-class athletes. Combined with the Kinect’s motion sensor Nike+ Kinect Training makes sure you’re not cheating reps and your form is correct. On-screen interactions keep your workouts from getting stale and you can personalize your sessions, track your progress, complete challenges and compete with others thanks to the Xbox Live and the Nike+ communities. Plus the mobile app lets you take Nike+ Kinect Training with you when you’re not in the living room.

*Tofurky for the vegans and vegetarians.

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