Nike Air Yeezy II

Nike Air Yeezy II

Drawing from classical civilization and design cues established with the initial Nike Air Yeezy, the upcoming Nike Air Yeezy II pushes forward the Air Yeezy brand with strong and emphatic design elements without overpowering the silhouette of the sneaker or weighing down the presentation. Firmly planted on top of an Air Tech Challenge II outsole, the Air Yeezy II showcases elements of ancient Egyptian / Ethiopian culture throughout. A hand skived anaconda textured leather rear upper that meets with a subtly textured toebox connected by a loop strap etched with hieroglyphics. Finishing touches include glow in the dark soles, obelisks topping off the laces and what can only be considered a rendition of Horus / Heru within a circle partially encased within a pyramid on the tongue. The limited edition, intelligently designed and highly anticipated sneaker is expected to release on June 9th.

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