LG Premium HD IPS TV Monitors

LG Premium HD IPS TV Monitors

LG has rolled out full HD IPS televisions that double as PC monitors. The LG DM2752 and the LG M2752 both are capable of full HD resolution from broadcast and your PC. Picture-in-Picture, Infinite Surround Sound, a USB connector and dual HDMI ports round out the basic specs, while the IPS panels provide nearly 180 degrees of viewing range. In addition the LG DM2752 includes a native 2D to 3D conversion engine that allows you to play games, watch broadcasts or movies in 3D. For gamers it gets even better with the LG Dual Play feature that enables two different full screen images simultaneously on the same TV. Select markets in the EU have access to the M2752 now, while the 3D enhanced LG DM2752 drops in July.

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