The Roots Undun

The Roots Undun

The most recent studio release from the Roots (Undun) needs time to sink in, thus this tardy review. Unlike the majority of their hip-hop peers, the Roots continually extend their popularity not through the vulgar appeal of strong radio singles, naked women in their videos or massive marketing campaigns, but through the performance and creation of music of a rare and distinct quality that is not often found among the more popular and readily accessible musical landscape. From the opening notes on Dun, to the last lyrics breathed into the microphone and the closing with Finality, Undun continues expanding the catalog of growth and burgeoning genius that is the Roots. A concept album working through themes of life and decision, it features the usual Roots players along with an appreciated assortment of special guests. Contrasted in musical theme from the bulk of their previous work, though some say it compares sonically with How I Got Over, this release stands alone as a complete work and makes a great addition to any music collection. The Root Undun

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