Getting Things Done by David Allen

Getting Things Done by David Allen

As time passes and days go by in the year, you do one of two things, you get things done or you don’t. Touted as a modern classic, “Getting Things Done” by David Allen is a book that details an organizational method that moves you from carrying a truckload of mindless mental clutter, to productive thoughts and effective, useful, task-orientated activities. While time management itself is not a new concept, the approach presented by Allen has generated a cult-like following in some circles and has even generated several web-based companies (Remember the Milk and 43Folders) that revolve around the GTD framework. In the book Mr. Allen periodically jaunts off-course into classical guru territory using the occasions to parlay some psychology and several philosophical insights, but they appropriately connect his presentation. However, despite weaving across the lane of focus, GTD manages to deliver strongly on the main premise. If you have ever found yourself running aground periodically when it comes to completing your to-do-lists, committing to resolutions, making appointments or otherwise, Getting Things Done is worth reading.


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