Boardwalk Empire the Complete First Season

Boardwalk Empire the Complete First Season

Boardwalk Empire is a prohibition era series laden with sex, violence and the syndicated crime elements that were celebrated in another HBO series, the Sopranos. This of course can be traced back to the series creator Terence Winter, a Sopranos series writer and co-producer Martin Scorsese, director of the Departed, Goodfellas and Casino. Historical figures and well crafted fictional characters align almost seamlessly in the reality-based but completely imagined series. However, historical facts are not the draw in Boardwalk Empire, much like Mad Men, Boardwalk draws on the current captivation of the ideals, lives and legends of not so distant time periods, but thrown into cauldrons of bloodlust, temptation and greed against intellectual backdrops and social circumstances similar in spirit to those of today, but in much nicer clothes.

Adapted from a Nelson Johnson book of the same name, Boardwalk Empire revolves around real life political figure and Atlantic County treasurer, Enoch “Nucky” Johnson, who aside from being a duteous civil servant, controlled an organization that involved gambling, prostitution and bootlegging during the Prohibition Era in then wildly popular, Atlantic City. Boardwalk Empire is a glimpse into the complex life of Nucky, plus the social and political workings of the era, which are just as complicated, if not even more. Boardwalk Empire: The Complete First Season allows you enjoy the show some critics are calling a classic in the making.

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