Sway by Ori and Rom Brafman

Sway by Ori and Rom Brafman

When you want to make improvements in your life, one of the primary components in that process is decision making. If you want to get in better shape physically the question you ask yourself is something like, “What exercises do I need to do to get a six pack?” If you want a better sex life, want to make more money, improve your relationships, more free time to do what you love or anything else, eventually it comes down to making decisions, sometimes tough decisions.

Often despite what we tell ourselves we really do not know or understand why we do the things we do. In order for you to stop reacting and to start acting as you truly intend to act; you need to get a bearing on where you are in the first place. Then, from that informed position you can proceed with making extremely better decisions, improve your life and achieve the things you desire.

Sway, by Ori Brafman and his psychologist brother roll out the red carpet of the decision making process to lead you to the door of enlightenment so you can make better decisions. Easy to follow, and not nearly the nerd thickness of other books on the subject (a mere 224 pages), the authors use examples from all walks of life, ranging from politics to sports to drive home the concepts of why people make jackass decision and how you can avoid doing the same.

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