Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State

There seems to be a swelling undercurrent hoping for Will Smith to fail with the Men in Black sequel. Media outlets have picked up on this and where there was never malice, now even they are stirring the pot of discontent towards the multi-talented Smith. Until the movie box-office receipts are counted and the haters go home mad, check out Will in what is shaping up to be a modern classic, “The Enemy of the State“.

On Blu-Ray or digital, Will Smith plays a DC lawyer unexpectedly caught in a web of political espionage and murder. As Jon Voight leads the merciless NSA unit in pursuit and every aspect of his digital life betraying him, he finds help in a former agent portrayed by Gene Hackman. Giving you things to consider without being preachy or parental, Enemy of the State, in the context of society since its’ initial release encompasses more than explosions and technology. Pick it up.

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