A light has gone out in the world. Steve Jobs Passes On.

A light has gone out in the world. Steve Jobs Passes On.

A light has gone out in the world. Steve Jobs the man who help transform the world into the technological wonder that it is today has died. I felt a flush over my body when I received the news. To say I feel sadness would be remiss, because sadness is not a word capable of describing my feelings regarding this moment in our lives. This is a demarcation line in modern history.

This generation has been fortunate enough to receive the benefits of Steve’s imagination, ingenuity and passion first hand. With the foundation Steve laid future generations will undoubtedly reap rewarding harvests thanks to his ability to harness together the ideas of brilliant people and bring them to the world.

No doubt his family, friends, loved ones and competitors will miss him. A husband, a father, a friend and a fierce competitor who battled adversity, confronted competition and challenged the status quo. Steve changed an industry he also participated in building, redefined business and how we think about it and helped to set ablaze millions of minds across the globe, with ideas of what is possible when you still believe in your dreams and you have the tenacity to go after them.

Let us not simply mourn this day of losing the man we called Steve Jobs, but let us rejoice in the life of Steven and his enormous contributions to all of us. Friend, foe, every race, every creed and all in-between, some of us directly and others indirectly have benefited from his presence in the current era. Coming generations are fortunate to have his legacy to peruse and his shoulders to stand on as an able and firm foundation to help them reach their goals and to face coming endeavors yet untold.

Steve, thanks for your time here.


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