Why does Yahoo think that HuffPost Tech and the CS Monitor have the Best Tech News all of a sudden?

Why does Yahoo think that HuffPost Tech and the CS Monitor have the Best Tech News all of a sudden?

Between fighting with my browser to keep from crashing thanks to that dreadful Adobe Flash, and skimming Michael Arrington’s latest lamentation, I began to ponder my next tirade here on BigBerries, and then it dawned on me. Earlier this week while foraging about the internet and in particular while searching with Yahoo (forgive me) and subsequently with Bing (which is essentially the same thing). I noticed something quirky with the results bubbling upon the top my queries. The Christian Science Monitor (CSM) was peaking out in top-dog position for of all things, the Sony S1 tablet.

For CSM to seize position above Engadget, Gizmodo, cNet.com and the numerous dedicated gadget and technology websites and even above Sony is questionable to say the least. In addition, and only to make matters worse, also present in the disastrous heap of the search engine results was something labeled HuffPost Tech. I was so confounded by the results I laughed and jeered simultaneously.

Seriously, what is that?

The Huffington Post is a wildly popular, political gossip web rag not so distant in kin from Wonkette. Would adding a culinary section assuredly presume them authority over the Food Network? At this juncture, we merely speculate, but apparently so. However, I would not care if God Almighty piously handpicked the search results with Stephen Hawking’s explicit approval; HuffPost Tech does not surpass or stand equivalent to Engadget, TechCrunch (preference not implied in order) or the plethora of quality rank-and-file tech websites (entirely dedicated to the subject) that litter the internet.

You cannot explain it.

It is wrong.

Now periodically I do gloss over the somewhat pseudo-intellectual smear and occasional scoops that pass as newsworthy dialogues across various AOL properties. TechCrunch being one of them, hence the Arrington reference above. Additionally, I am aware that some sort of acquisition happened between the Huffington Post and AOL. However, did Yahoo get purchased too? Because even amidst all the link bait and web optimization on the part of the Huffington Post, the search algorithms, equations and whatever other formulations occurring behind the scenes at Yahoo (and Microsoft), I can perceive no reason why HuffPost Tech should come before TechCrunch, CrunchGear or even Engadget in the search results.

The system, whatever it is, is undoubtedly broken.

Anyway, from that path, I digress.

I have similar disillusion regarding this subject however towards the Christian Science Monitor, because on several occasions in recent weeks, I have noticed an influx of CSM results floating un-flushed in the bowl of my queries and it is disgusting. Is there a change in query results because of people in my vicinity? Have I received some sort of Google-esque Dart type cookie that has identified me as a faithful follower who prefers receiving tech and gadget news from sanitized sources? Am I missing the joke or is the Christian Science Monitor THE source for tech news and I have just been out of the loop?

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