The Sony Tablet

The Sony Tablet

It’s more than official, the PlayStation Certified Sony tablet is on the way.

While several websites and new articles cite the Google Android powered Sony tablet as a late entrant in an already crowded market, you should celebrate Sony for adding another tablet for us to consider buying. The recently revealed Sony S1 tablet (S1 is a codename until actual release), expects to become available later this year, possibly Q3 and is causing quite a stir.

Sony, seeking to stand out from the plethora of black slate, carbon copy tablets currently on the market opted for a different design approach. That approach resulted in a tablet design that the company says, will lend to being able to hold the Android powered Sony tablet for long periods comfortably.

With a screen just under 10-inches, the Sony S1 is a full-sized tablet powered by a Tegra 2 chip and backed by the latest Google Android operating system, which currently is Gingerbread, also known as Android 3.0. Of course you get a touch screen, Wi-Fi, WAN, an expansion card slot, front and rear camera, all the additional functions you demand in portable devices, and a bit more. Like PlayStation functionality.

As part of a tighter focus on cross product integration, the Sony tablet will be able to control and interact with Sony TVs and other Sony devices. The Android powered Sony tablet will also make use of the Sony’s cloud services and of course, since it is an Android device, the Sony tablet will take full advantage of everything Google has to offer with the latest Android release.

However, the big deal about the new Sony tablet is Sony PlayStation integration. The Sony tablet will make full use of the PlayStation Network as an official PlayStation Certified device. I have stated my doubt about Sony, but I have crossed my fingers, hoping they can succeed. With the new Sony tablet, you will finally be able to download and play games on a device with gaming at the core. Price TBA.

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