The Corner Office

The Corner Office

The Corner Office by Adam Bryant is the result of nearly 100 CEOs having candid discussions with the Canadian-born, New York Times writer, and covering a myriad of topics related to and getting the coveted corner office.

Based on the popular column of the same name, the book outlines five essential personality traits CEOS look for and that you must have to climb from the dregs of your current employment status to a more lofty position.

As any book, what you get from Corner Office is up to you. Business basics have not changed, so the lessons are not entirely new. However, Bryant through careful pruning is able to create a unique work to add to the innumerable volumes saturating the business and self-help fields.

A tad shy of 300 pages, the book, thanks to the author and the CEOs makes for an enjoyable read. Partial company CEO list includes Disney, Microsoft, DreamWorks, Ford and Zappos. The Corner Office

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