Mini Rocketman

Mini Rocketman

Although the Mini Rocketman rolled out in full regalia at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show, don’t expect the bite-sized, BMW backed three-door hatchback to roll out of your parking spot anytime in the immediate future. Still merely a concept design, the Mini Rocketman captures the iconic look of the ever-loveable Mini, blends it with ultra-modern automotive technology such as a carbon fiber space-frame chassis and packs it in an 11 feet 3-inch frame. Coming in about a foot shorter than the current Mini Cooper you see wheeling about today, the Mini Rocketman is taking aim at ruling the sub-compact class.  Complete with a glass roof etched with a Union Jack flag that glows thanks to integrated fiber optics, the Mini Rocketman is the looking to be the next big thing in a small package from Mini.

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