Radiohead King of Limbs

Radiohead King of Limbs

Taking a different approach as promised after “Hail the Thief”, Radiohead’s newest work and eighth studio album, “The King of Limbs” finds the band in a wonderful groove of ambient evening harmonies, accompanied by rumbling drums, seemingly moody bass notes and sly guitar riffs. Collectively the quirky melodies rub as you would a lamp to find a genie. Part journey to Sham-bala and part Cannabis Cup the various sounds may take several listens for some, while others may instantly find rhythm and groove. The King of Limbs is a nice extension to the already critically acclaimed works of Radiohead.

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  • depi:

    Great, I’m going to download it.

    What abut the MacBook Air ads parodies, did you see them? Some of them are very funny, people are putting their old black notebooks to envelopes đŸ˜€

  • Lucy D.:

    here’s the original videoclip for the song and some info about the singer, yael naim:

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