Adele 21

Adele 21

Adele 21 is the follow up to Adele 19, the 2008 debut from Adele Laurie Blue Adkins that produced the single “Chasing Pavements” and aligned the singer-songwriter with the 21st Century wave of British soul. With the big voice, almost timeless sound, and a cover of a Bob Dylan song, who could disageee. Fast forward to 2011 and you have the Adele follow up album, 21. Unlike Adele’s previous work, 19 features a load of superstar producers and contributors ranging from Mark Ronson, One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder and even Rick Rubin. As a result, the sound on Adele 21 is bigger, and has more bang, with polished songs like “Rolling in the Deep” leading the way. Made to expand her reach artistically Adele 21 serves as a good transition that will old fans will enjoy and new listeners will find quite refreshing.

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