Tokens & Icons Boston Garden Parquet Floor Cufflinks

Tokens & Icons Boston Garden Parquet Floor Cufflinks

The Boston Garden was the highly celebrated arena where the iconic Larry  Bird and the Celtics held their own against Magic Johnson, Isaiah  Thomas, Michael Jordan and their respective teams. The Boston Garden also hosted legendary concerts and was the stage for historical events. From James Brown pleading for peace after the assassination of a Martin  Luther King Jr., rally speeches by John F. Kennedy, to concerts with bands such as the Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink  Floyd and even Elvis.

These Boston Garden Parquet Floor cufflinks give you a chance own a piece of that American history. Not merely named Boston Garden cufflinks these are the real deal. Tokens & Icons guarantee their creations for authenticity and take pride in  partnering with licensors and researching the origins of each component used before transformation  from nostalgia to a timeless classic that you can own.

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