I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four

The short is save your money. The long is as follows. I have personally been on a movie hiatus and the fleck of memory I had regarding I am Number 4 seemed like it would be as least as good as Jumper. Boy was I wrong. The potential was there however for a palatable action-slash-romance-slash-drama targeted clearly to teens, tweens and that precarious subset of adult women who live and die routinely through movies about teenagers in high school. At the very least I thought it would be digestible to adults.

Instead what I unfortunately ended up viewing in exchange of hard earned coin was a mid 90’s movie made for TV time shifted to our present year and stretched haphazardly onto the big screen as if it was a favor to somebody’s kid. I would not even recommend this as a, “bored coming from the grocery store so let’s rent a movie from Blockbuster night.” I did get to see another trailer for Thor however and it is surprisingly growing on me as a potential calculated time sink of enjoyment for 2011.

Additional bonus for the unexpected trailer for Real Steel. Which appears to be a movie about life sized Rock’em Sock’em robots developed by an MIT dropout who really wanted to show what he could do with Microsoft Kinect after a case of Red Bull and a few pops of adderall. Looks like it will be good.

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