Win by Frank Luntz

Win by Frank Luntz

The author of “Words that Work” and the follow up “What Americans Really Want” is back with a new effort to help you thoroughly understand the importance of having masterful communication skills in the business aspect of your life.

Along the way Dr. Luntz expands upon the underlying theme found in his previous work and in the works of masters before him. That theme essentially is, “Those who choose to master the ability to communicate and get others to receive and believe their ideas achieve success and become top performers in their chosen field, whatever it may be.”

Luntz unloads tons of examples, and stories of and from celebrities of sports, entertainment and business, to validate his ideas and to drive the point home. In addition, there are several lessons drawn from nine principles Luntz outlines in “Win” for you to put use in daily life to help you achieve your goals and ultimately win. – Win by Frank Luntz

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