A little over a month ago while online I came across the trailer for the movie Gomorrah. The preview started by saying the movie was derived from a 2006 book that revealed so much about organized crime that the author (Roberto Saviano) now lives under police protection for fear of his life. When a movie preview starts like that, it gets your attention. Somehow you believe that inside the film you’ll find the information you need to take your bosses job, make Olga Kurylenko your sex slave and from there, conquer the world.

The movie Gomorrah will not do any of the above, as the film is not an over-the-shoulder view fast tracking up the mob ladder. However, the film definitely will provide you with enough insight into foreign crime to reassure you that your money belt is a better investment than you previously thought.

There a several stories in the movie, none of them overlapping, but all of them involving the Cammora organization in some fashion or another. Gomorrah merely serves as an introductory course of the festering criminal underbelly of contemporary Europe. While this is nothing like the Children of God, that is (C.O.G.) the only film in recent memory (for me) that can relate (roughly) to Gomorrah because of the audacity and frankness of the revelations that it brings to you.

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  • film dude:

    “impactful” is a good word to describe this flick

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