Transformer Cufflinks

Transformer Cufflinks

Even though Revenge of the Fallen is a few months away, you can still display your enthusiasm for Transformers with a pair of playful Transformer cufflinks.

Where I spotted the cufflinks initially referred to ETSY as the place to pick up a pair, but they were already sold out. While the Transformer cufflinks were a set, each link represented either the Heroic Autobots or the Evil Decepticons. So you would have to buy two pair if you wanted to have a matching set.

After a quick web search a few cufflink dealers came up and surprisingly, with these you can buy either Autobot or Decepticon cufflinks. Bigberries can’t vouch for the websites, but if you exercise due diligence you probably will be able to get your hands on a pair of Transformer cufflinks without any hassle.

The pair shown above comes from CufflinksToWear and they are priced @ $89.99

eBay has both Autobot and Decepticon cufflinks available at a much cheaper price. The cufflinks ship from Australia, which is the same location the cufflinks on ETSY were being shipped from.

Benjamin Cufflinks also in Australia has Autobot cufflinks, but these do not have the red highlights. You can buy those cufflinks here.

I also spotted Autobot cufflinks on TonyOffer. The pictures are higher quality and should be a better prepresntation of what you would purchase. Here. You can also find cufflinks at Auctiva here.

Lastly there is which appears to have both styles of Transformer cufflinks, so you can chose with red color highlights or without. Also Beltal is running a buy one get one free promotion.

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