Tonight Franz Ferdinand

Tonight Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand kicks so much ass, they need more feet! The groups newest release, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, is the without a doubt one of the best releases in the last year musically and is starting 2009 with a bar raising submission that other bands may only hope to reach. Some of the reviews on Amazon call out Franz Ferdinand on going pop, while others love the direction the band is going in. I think the complainers are the ones who only want the band to themselves and see the growth and expansion of the bands music as a direct assault on their snobbery. That is too bad for them.

The release starts with a kicker in Ulysses and from there it is a wild ride. Franz steps on the gas with the Ulysses and does not let up until track number 5, Twilight Omens, which is a subtle mood change and softer than the previous tracks. Tonight picks back up with track 6, Bite Hard and from there Franz Ferdinand starts to go into newer territory, but the coolness of the vocals and the funky, moody, danceable instrumentation works to a pleasant surprise.

Even though I can practically play Tonight: Franz Ferdinand from end to end, hot tracks for me include Ulysses, Turn It On, No You Girls, Bite Hard and What She Came For. Honorable mention goes to Lucid Dreams, because I’ll be damned if that baseline doesn’t thump like some old school late 70’s early 80’s funk before it collapses into an indescribable collage of electric sounds.

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