iPod Touch Gutted Like a Fish – No Bluetooth Damn Foiled Again!

iPod Touch Gutted Like a Fish – No Bluetooth Damn Foiled Again!

Hoping to find Bluetooth in the iPod Touch so you can h4x0r / homebrew up an 16GB iPhone? Well keep waiting. Like a hopeless romantic, you believed ifixit would find the iPod Bluetooth chip and end your agony. Don’t worry you are not alone.

If you didn’t already know, it’s official now. The iPhone and the iPod Touch are very close in spec to one another, all the way down to the “Samsung” ARM processor.

iPod Touch: 339S0029ARM 8900B iPhone: 339S0030ARM 8900B (very similar) Touch: 0731 (manufactured week 31 of 2007) iPhone: 0719 (week 19 of 2007). Touch: NOKCYY2 iPhone: NOD4BZ02.

The last number is probably a lot id, which explains why they are so different. What does this mean? The iPod Touch and iPhone processors are very, very similar.

There is another device coming. Will it be the iPhone for business, with more hard drive space? Will you see a new iPod PDA type lineup?

What do you do?

My Perspective
Buy the iPhone now, because when the price goes back up, you’ll be pissed you didn’t.

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