Watches from TOKYObay

Watches from TOKYObay

The watches over at TOKYObay are a nice break from the three, four and five figure timepieces that we usually clamor for. I like the somewhat quirky shapes and the bold use of color. Lots of funky faces and patterns set these apart from the usual fair, but they are not so unique that you have to strain to figure out the time due to an over the top artistic design. That is cool in itself because some watches get so lost in design they tend to forget that they are watches. Prices vary but nothing is over $200, so if you want, you can snap up a handful. A few models that caught my eye are the Morrison (pictured), Tram and the Barber.

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Nixon Dictator Nike Hammer Chronograph Watch Neves Watches Morrison deux Red and the Green/White Duo

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