Fujitsu Football Laptops

Fujitsu Football Laptops

That’s soccer for the Uninitiated

Given the fact that the NFL has been buzzing recently, thought I’d keep a few of you from being confused. Late for the World Cup but perfect for the start of a new season. Toshiba found success with the FIFA Dynabook laptop and now Fujitsu is offering the “award winning” AMILO Pi 1536 series with lacquered finishes for Everton, the Celtic, Aston Villa and the Tottenham Hotspur.

A quick rundown on the specs reveals a 15.4in WXGA display, 120GB hard drive, Intel Core Duo T2400 CPU and 1GB RAM. Not as beefy as the Tsukomo from yesterday, but this is something you buy to show your team spirit. And from the drubbing each receivied from trusted reviews, these teams need all the spirit they can get.

Not your color? You don’t fancy this “bevy of European wannabes”? Don’t worry more teams are expected to be addded at a later date. For the satisfied, you can pick one up at


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