Want Great Skin ? – A List of Things To Avoid

Want Great Skin ? – A List of Things To Avoid

Skin care products cheap and expensive alike fail to deliver and fall terribly short of performing as expected, and can damage your skin in the process.

Here is a basic list of products to avoid in skin care. Each item can be considered a ‘fly in the ointment’ when it comes to keeping healthy, vibrant and clean skin.

Vegetable and Citrus Oils: Excessive amounts of citrus may have similar results as peppermint. Many oils used for skin care not only moisturize but also clog pores. This allows bacteria to be trapped and is the source for many problems pertaining to skin. Always opt for oil-free or “light” products.

Coloring: In skin products there is no practical use for coloring, only for selling the product. Dyes when absorbed may cause irritation or allergic response.

Fragrance: This is yet another additive that can be done without. With potential results the same as coloring when absorbed by the skin, fragrances may be a source of allergic reaction or irritation. The simple rule: use cologne for fragrance and skin care products as skin care products.

Alcohol: Simply put, it is bad for the skin. Contrary to myth, drinking excessive amounts of water does not act as a counter to the dehydration caused by alcohol.

There you have it. A basic list of skin care ingredients to avoid. The list is not exhaustive, however if you keep a watchful eye and steer clear of the products listed, you’re a step in the right direction towards achieving healthier better looking skin.

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