Sony Playstation 4

Sony PlayStation 4

Every dog has its day and thankfully, by the time the day arrived for the PS3, its creators pledged to give you the Sony PlayStation 4, a console gaming system that delivers where it matters most; graphics, performance and games. Unlike other systems that want to involve the whole family or be something other than a game console, Sony sticks to improving the core components that made the previous PlayStation console rock-solid, while adding new features to enhance your game experience. With the PlayStation 4, consider everything that made the PS3 great, upgraded. The PS4 has more processor power (thank you AMD 8-core x86-64 chip), amazing graphics and 8GB of GDDR5 memory. If you enjoyed the Dualshock controllers before, you’ll love them now with the multi-touch pad, built-in speaker and headset to immerse you in your games completely.

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