The iPod Touch Shows Signs of Fear at Apple

The iPod Touch Shows Signs of Fear at Apple

The Apple iPod Touch is one of the sweetest looking devices you’ve seen all year. Right along with the Apple iPhone, the Samsung F700, the Fiat 500 and Optimus Prime. But with the latest iPod critics are suggesting that Apple is showing fear and lack of innovation. Is it true?

Many are spewing venomous bile in regards to the iPod Touch design, saying it’s an iPhone rip. This isn’t the case, but a concession to progression in design and Apple brand cohesion. Safe, but it makes sense.

When you get to the GUI and applications things run smoothly until you notice the crippled calendar. It gets worse when you mention the paltry 16GB of hard drive space. The lack of Bluetooth. God forbid.

What went wrong?
The iPod Touch is Crippled – Spin doctors are calling this “product segmentation”. Having a calendar application without the ability to make appointments is NOT product segmentation. It’s silly.

The iPod Touch has poor storage capacity.- Sure Cover Flow and Safari are great, but the iPod Touch is a media player. Do you really want to go from 160GB to a mere 16GB? 40GB should be the floor on this thing. 16GB is a step backwards regarding portable media.

The iPod Touch has no Bluetooth – In the era of wireless headphones and connectivity, this is a shame.It’s suggested that Apple fears hackers turning the iPod Touch into a mobile phone. Probably, but so what. How many buyers do you think would do that? Surely not the average consumer.

Bottom line, the iPod Touch is amazing, but Apple must realize that crippling software and releasing products with laughable storage capacity shows a lack of confidence. Artifically creating differences between devices is not progressive and creates frustration.

Don’t make the same mistakes RIM made with Blackberry. The same people who listen to music and watch movies also use email, calendar apps and conduct business on their devices. Don’t cheat us. I want the best Apple can give. I’m sure you do too.


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