Victorinox Bertrand Wool Cashmere Coat

Victorinox Bertrand Wool Cashmere Coat

An awesome coat from an unsuspecting brand, Victorinox. Not to say anything about Victorinox, but usually when you think about them you don’t think about wool cashmere coats. This by all means is an exception. Not only is this coat attractive but loaded with all the needed pockets; ticket, security and mobile. Victorinox adds a nice touch by showing their colors with a prominently placed brand badge on the shoulder (but respectfully they make it removable). However, the defining point of this wool cashmere coat from Victorinox has to be the buttons, highly polished gunmetal shank, set front and center. There are also matching buttons on the cuff. $950 at Victorinox / Nordstrom

Victorinox Bertrand details of the zipper and button, the shoulder badge and cuffs

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  • mikel:

    i have a tokyo track jacket too. it’s really cool!!

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