The HotSeat Flight SIM

The HotSeat Flight SIM

Hotseat Inc unveiled new gaming chassis during CES 2007. the latest is the HotSeat Flight SIM. Complete with 6 speaker Dolby Digital 5.1 surorund sound speakers, subwoofer warming your buns and providing some thump under your seat, 3 audio inputs, flight controls, flight stacks an integrated power strip and most importantly a cup holder.

From the baseic rig which starts at $999 you can build the HotSeat Flight SIM to fit your gaming needs. 23-inch HD LCD display, Intel Core Duo 1.8Ghz, Nvidia 512MB, 2GB RAM, Logitech Wireless keyboard and mouse and a copy of Microsoft FlightSIM X.

The HotSeat Flight SIM is compatible with all major gaming systems so if you’re into 360′s, Wii’s or PS3′s you should be covered. the HotSeat Flight SIM tops out just under $4000.

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